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Vaginal dryness is a highly sensitive issue of women in various sexual misconduct. This unhappy experience extreme sexual life can give birth to. Many women Sex amusement susakata due to the confluence of the vagina or can not be feeling caramapulaka time. As a result, the painful and negative feelings about sexuality was born. Vaginal dryness, but why is that? The sex of the research carried out in various paryayeaneka. What are the different phases of the study is to find out the woman's sex life haramonatibisesa Estrogen plays an important role. Estrogen hormones in the baby after the birth of the label is anekakame than usual. Estrogen hormone levels ghatatijanita karanetibra susakata vagina may occur. However, medical complications and gradually cured. Here women are manopaja or rajahnibrtti Estrogen hormone levels in their blood was draining slowly. As a result, the vagina becomes thinner and kosakalagulo they lose elasticity. Naturally, the vagina and the vagina when women feel susakatara tatparsbabarti moisture or moist areas can reduce feelings. As a result, the vagina itching, pain, pain, nausea, and vaginal swelling, etc. asbacchandyabodha suffer from sexual misconduct. A dry vagina is the main cause of psychosomatic stress or pressure. Various trials have observed that statistically, 95 percent of women at some point psychosomatic jibanerakono capajanita susakata the vagina felt during mating. Of course, it is true that, due to stress or psychosomatic stress Estrogen hormone levels in the blood can be reduced. Estrogen is a hormone produced by the ovary or the uterus. However, there is always the same levels of eiutpanna. Estrogen, the female hormone matrakame any particular day they suddenly noticed a lack of moisture in the vagina can. Especially prior to or sangamakalina. This is especially noteworthy here is that, until the age of 15-85 it can happen to any woman's life. The number of women that suffer from various problems or khadyabhyasajanita disaardare is less extreme. Aharajanita imbelensa or vary due to normal hormone levels. As a result, dryness of vagina to see the different types of drugs or medication, for example, women pareyesakala entibayotikaba byakateriyabirodhi those drugs may cause dryness in the sexual area. Kriyaraopara effects of hormones and antibiotics usually reduces the humidity of the vagina. Lubrikesana or two small glands in the area of sexual nihsaranajanita lubricity is due to the wine. Bartholana scientist's name is called the granthiguloke bartholina glands. However, some of the juice from the wall of the vagina or vaginal wall is secreted. Suskatajanitakarane reddish coloring and asbacchandyabodha normal vagina. The study also shows that the different pages of women suffer from vaginal problems suskatajanita bhyajainala their vagina infection or disease is more heavily. Ethaleta women or women who have additional parimanesaririka exercise bike or their Hormonal Estrogen hormone cycle gandagolajanita may arise due to the dryness of vagina. If there kareeksetre dry vagina as usual sensitivity, we kosakalagulote suitable for lubrikesanera 'KY Jelly "We prescribes. Lubrikesana warning signs are: the use of a fat-soluble lubricants for karenatadera sbasthyerapakse be harmful. Water or a water-soluble lubricant to use healthy. Janmabiratikaranapila various types and vaginal sponge, etc. due to moisture can be reduced to some extent. Babyakateriyajanita various types of physical illness, such as virus infection, khadyabhyasajanita due to various hormonal disorders such labels may vary. The vagina is dry and there is asbacchandyabhaba and intimate relationships are destroyed. Antahsamparkajanita tension or stress may exist due to the dryness of vagina. Lubricants vaginal moisture or water-soluble KY jelly temporarily returned to the sex lives of men and women became more intimate honey, can increase sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction level of the previous ceyeaneka. Sexual creeps, shrngara, self-confidence about sexuality, marriage satisfaction, sexual intercourse between men and women parasaparika jacking off into a new dimension kareeti mastarabesaneo significant role. It lovers or incite tension between husband and wife to love and to contribute significantly to petition. How far would instantly dry vagina? To alleviate vaginal dryness immediately apanikono good lubricants or lubricant fluid can byabaharakarate. However, the fat-soluble liquid picchilakara injurious to health. You can use the water soluble KY jelly, we've mentioned a little earlier. If you want to fuck with male condom use, it does not create any difficulty. However, if there is dryness of the vagina vagina dirghameyadibhabe sensitivity or sensitivity may be reduced or gynecologist so gainokolajista advice need to be taken immediately. He inserted a finger into the vagina and can check the medical history. It is not suitable if there is no reason to assume that the stress, conflict, or any other disease of the problem. And she should call a psychiatrist to alleviate the problem permanently. The Sex antarangataebam increase sexual satisfaction than ever before. More Q
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