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Savar sister and kept bhagnipatike schoolgirl rape, video recording

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Savar municipal area neighborhood Anandpur locked bhagnipatike sister and raped a schoolgirl and she has complained to view the video on a mobile phone. Recorded video on the internet to spread the money from the rapist threatened the victim's family and his associates. After the incident, the police informed the victim's family to leave the area, they said rapists in contact with the opposite has been alleged. In this situation, the whole family suffers from insecurity. They closed the doors and windows in the house are blocked. Villa boss on the first floor at the neighborhood Anandpur Babul Mia took place at noon on Saturday. According to sources, Fazlul Huq, the house can be rented apartment rented by a man with his wife and sister. Its drugs business. The 13-year-old sister in his native eyabaka School 7th grade student. Firewood near the bus stand at around noon on Saturday at 1 pm genda businessman Anura poet-in-law (30) and another young man went to the house of Aziz held hostage to the scene of the rape of the schoolgirl holding mobile phone. They are using fear to spread via the Internet recorded the scene with the girl's sister's husband demanded Rs 50 thousand. Aziz alias Aziz Salon and rapists on the day of the poet's house and took money from them. After the events of the evening, white light Savar Model Police Station Sub-Inspector (SI) Hashem Ali's house. They are not the excesses of the victim's family suggested leaving the area. After standing in the street outside the house SI Hashem spoke to Aziz Salon space left. Earlier in the afternoon, the owner of the house of Fazlul Haque some local arbiter to settle the initiative at a meeting in the house of Kalu Miah. Delwar Hossain Dilu being explored by the judge assures repayment of the money. Meanwhile, news of the incident, the victim's sister, at first, for fear of the media staff at the house trembling voice, described the incident. He avoids the media and others. Fazlul Haque confirmed the incident and said the owner of the house, to tell them filed. But they fear not the case said. He promised to make the case for their cooperation. Aziz alias Aziz Salon and the rapists Kabir was yesterday morning, camouflage, locals said. The arbitration judge said Delwar Hossain Dilu deny the rape, they entered the house has been robbed. We have made the judgment. 5. In terms of the hijacking was decided to return the money. Savar police chief Mustafa Kamal, rape, he spots Inspector Ali Hashem sent. Was not one complaint was filed. On receipt of complaints and legal action will be taken. 
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