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You all are the best?After returning from the drug trade, how are you? Now is the best, was not good before? The question is pretty simple with a araemapira police lainse rehabilitation of returnees from the drug trade workshop.Unique and exceptional workshop as the chief guest of honor at today's Police Commissioner, Mr. Islam BPM araemapira gandhyara That night was exchanged pleasantries with the stick into the hands of people returning to the path of light.He said the speech, talking to people a lot better now, talking in front of the PoliceCommissioner. 

At present our Youth Development Officer, Employment and Social Welfare Department of the bank manager DD is present. I talked to them, how you can be rehabilitated or financial assistance. Officers talked to the big banks, how you can be a little assistance. How would you like the way I'm thinking.But the worst case, if you go one way, repeat the stern action would be taken against them. He will not be involved in any way with the drug. There are cases, however, the ongoing legal process against them, they come out, they will not police harassment. Now think about how the future will be good to stay.Those who are financially well-off, those who have the ability to choose the path according to your means of livelihood for themselves. That's how they can help those who can not afford to be denied that we have in mind. Today, the number of people present here to come back to the drug trade closer to about 00. Meanwhile, it is very difficult to understand the city is currently in the drug trade. I now plan to go back to the previous practice, better information will be discouraged, stern action would be taken against them.We have cash, sewing machine, try to self-reliant through their van, whose legs are disabled movement, there are women who do not have anyone to look after them very vulnerable. The rest of them have children who are eligible for the operational guys. Youth who are willing to take the development of the training, they are trying to arrange training. At the end of training their poultry, cattle, etc. The loan will be observed. Employment was little interest to the bank will loan officer. One thing to keep in mind, however, clear that the loan will be paid, will be self-sufficient. The Department of Social Services to come forward.

In front of the guestA bayobrddhake said the purpose of sitting,Murubbi can not go on, he does not have a leg. His matodera grants or we will arrange for his son to work. Who karababhara no work now, we are taking note.Before you give your old name of the lawyer in the case, they will request that they take fees from you or a small fee litigation was conducted. That means that you're not financial pressure. I chose the names of brothers and sisters. There is nothing to be afraid of it. Youth Development Officer and social service officials are here, their training can be arranged. At the end of training and be the action.Beyond police work hard and fast to work in a slightly different way, the values ​​of the society, raise awareness of drugs could significantly reduce crime. A short time-scale, efficient and competent leadership has been able to prove that araemapite.Finally, against the social evil, truth and beauty to act on behalf of the Police Commissioner and thanked everyone was invited for lunch.06 February 017Ssp-city sb
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