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"I will giveMl of the Mela "At two o'clock in line with the essence of Rajshahi and several NGOs organized in collaboration with the Women Lawyers' Association was held in the city ID Ambagan "Women Abuse Prevention and Awareness Meeting".

The meeting is not just janasabhai awareness, becomes a unique meeting place. ADC is not blaming anyone (sahdah) Mr. Shirin Akhter Jahan atmasamalocanamulaka statements of the girls started to become aware of the message. He's referring to the type of image and torture, as well as the right for women to be aware of the psychological changes.Nilufar Rajshahi Government Women's College Principal Mr. Syed Firdaus said, referring to the police as well as the people that depict violence against women it's just not the fault of the women and men must be amended. He said the girls are abused or tortured, police urged them to accept help. 

Blastera (BLAST) of the coordinator Ed Samad said in his speech, coordinated initiative to prevent violence against women or both men and women need to change the mentality and concessions.Women's Council of Rajshahi imagine Roy said, needs to be changed before drstibhanira all men. Our house is still 85% of girls tortured in different ways. Men think their house mother, sister, daughter.Commissioner of Police, Mr. Islam BPM araemapira honored as the chief guest stressed the importance of the study of family and equal rights between men and women. He said the children, and the importance of equal opportunities for people with a need to worry. Girls do not feel the burden of disturbance or studies will continue. Women can not be forced marriage. I also do not treat it with your wife, your daughter-in-law if you would like.The chief guest also phejabukera careful selection with the girls.Victim Support Center to serve as the primary remedy violence against women. Easy to get a permanent remedy to the woman officer has been formed under the leadership of women-friendly police station cells.Finally, the chief guest advises parents to keep track of children drew the attention of the terrorists involved in the drug trade; and abstain from the ongoing rehabilitation program araemapira sacchala rich hoards urged to come forward as much as possible.The Rajshahi College, Rajshahi University students, local dignitaries, representatives of NGOs, ordinary people, journalists, leaders and senior officials were present araemapira.Araemapira program to succeed on behalf of ADC (sahda) Mr. Shirin Akhter Jahan and AC (pioma) Shamima Sumi played a significant role.07 February 2017-SSp City-sb
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