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DMP Commissioner to members of the public called the police to deal with the complimentary

DMP News reported today, Thursday 16 phebruyari17 lanais held at Mirpur police poem special greetings to the people's welfare at the DMP commissioner Mohammad achadujjamana Mia, urged the police to conduct cooperation and goodwill.Use the best performance of his duties to the people and to take appropriate steps to increase the quality of services has ordered the police commissioner said. Keep in mind that nobody is harassed to come to the police service.)At the time, he warned against drugs Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan area businesses involved in selling drugs and legal action will be taken against everyone. Gymnasium drugs dissolved if available, will be demolished.He said the police commissioner, also a member of a disciplined force. Our task is to ensure public safety. If any member of the police involved in the drug strict disciplinary action will be taken against him.Referring to the unity of the common people against terrorism caused considerable success we have achieved in curbing militancy, he said. Honorable Prime Minister of the country sarbamahale our work is appreciated. Today we have a unity among the people of the country to curb militants. This is a reflection of our love to the people of the country.Team DMP Force praised the officers and the country as a role model DMP achadujjamana Mia said the team is working. Each officer of the service is very efficient and transparent city dwellers.To increase public confidence, he urged everyone to sincerely
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