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Cultivation of vegetables Cultivation of vegetables dwelling house dwelling house training,

Society of human development effort,
 the unit would anusthita office at -09
manakasa sabajbi termination of the cultivation of this training
 unit manager Mohammad Sohel Rana,
said that the training teaches you to learn that in real life it will use up the expansion
 will see further improvement in family life, then sbathakata training efforts.

Manibaka attempt to organize the development of the society, at the two-day long dwelling units -09 manakasa sabajbi farming training home of the region's udbhodana Regional Manager Mohammad Abdus Salam, Md Sohel Rana was also present in this unit manager and unit manager Mohammad chatrajitapura office Shamimul Haq Program Officer jobaidura Rahman Mohammad Abdur Rahman social officer. RERMP ancilaka manager said the purpose of the members of the support that the PKSF has prasriksana system is implemented in the right way so that he discussed in detail.
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