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Science-Innovation The drones are being used for agricultural research!

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Increasing the use of drones in different countries around the world. And with the world's other technologies are being used in Bangladesh dronasaha various modern technologies. Patuakhali revolution in agriculture and agricultural research, just at a time using the drone. The first country in South Asia in Barisal division using drones to improve agricultural research is being carried out, he said.

Jainakathi Patuakhali Sadar upazila last for almost a month, Kalapara purbaamirabadasaha in some areas of agricultural research being conducted by drones. Ulanabadana village in Sadar upazila of Barisal drones are already going ahead with the research, said the sources.

With the approval of the Ministry of Defence, Government of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council of Agriculture, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, University of the Netherlands and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center jointly Twenty of these "stars" agricultural research projects under the country's modern, advanced and effective technology to unmanned (drone) usage being. Modified field farmer fertilization and insect attack, disease-suppressing messages, or data can be used to collect this vehicle. The United States and developed countries in the world in international agricultural research is being successfully used drones maize and wheat research center researchers said. Ziauddin Ahmed told media.bangladesh news

International Maize and Wheat Research Centre researcher Dr. media. Ziauddin Ahmed, used only for agricultural research vehicle (drone) program controlled remote control can fly over 60 meters of the crop in the field as well as rice, wheat, maize and various crops mugadalasaha still pictures, video will be collected. Collected data analysis of crop water and fertilizer shortage is very easy to monitor and take action accordingly to farmers. Once again it was a specific disease or insect attacks. According to take the necessary disease control measures should be easy. This method is based on accurate data in less time and less labor for crop production problems can be identified. As a result, farmers fertilizer and irrigation water to prevent waste and misuse of pesticides is possible. This research will provide a guide to the farmers. When and what will be the procedure through which farmers will be able to provide detailed information about.

The drone took special training for the management of the German researchers said. Ziauddin Ahmed. The Ministry of Defence and other security forces deployed to protect the drones were informed of the overall agricultural research. Conditional access is allowed, and under the auspices of the representatives of the DGFI drone of agricultural research was started.

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